CIDELEC Software is a complete analysis aid tool for the study of sleep recordings. It can be used to perform examinations with ventilatory polygraph and polysomnography devices and interpret signals, thereby helping doctors diagnose sleep disorders.

It has multiple functions:

  • It manages the interface with CIDELEC devices allowing their programming and the transfer of recordings
  • It performs an automatic analysis in order to detect respiratory events (including with machines), the sleep stages and PLMs
  • The visualization of tracings permits a manual reading of the recordings
  • It gives many results, in the form of summaries and graphs
  • It can be used to visualize and extract the video synchronized with the sleep recording
  • It allows the integration of the external signal of the TcPCO2
  • It is configurable, and allows the user to customize the analysis, visualization and reporting
  • It is also suitable for a hospital setting and makes it possible to perform examinations in the sleep laboratory (polysomnography, multiple sleep latency and maintenance of wakefulness tests). It is therefore equipped with a supervision system displaying signals in real time.