PhysioGo.Lite COMBO

Multifunctional unit:

three therapies in one device

The compact size and weight of the device, the database of built-in treatment programs and, above all, the combination of three therapies in a single device are undeniable advantages of the PhysioGo.Lite COMBO device. In addition, the device can be equipped with an optional battery and operate without connection to the mains.


PhysioGo.Lite COMBO – benefits for the patient

A wide offer of treatments

PhysioGo.Lite Combo allows you to perform treatments in the field of electrotherapy, ultrasound therapy and combination therapy.

In the field of electrotherapy, the device allows the use of uni and bipolar currents of low and medium frequency, IG pulses, EMS currents, H waves, exponential pulses, Hufschmidt stimulation and others.

In the field of sonotherapy, the device generates ultrasound waves with a frequency of 1 MHz, which allows for the treatment of deeply located lesions, and 3 MHz, which allows for the therapy of diseased areas shallowly below the surface of the skin. The device works in continuous emission mode (thermal effect) or pulse mode (micromassage). Depending on the user’s needs and the treatment area, the ultrasound waves can be emitted using GU-1 heads with a front area of 1 cm2, GU-5 heads with a front area of 5 cm2, and the innovative hands-free SnG head with a front area of 17.3 cm2 or 34.5 cm2, depending on the selected mode of operation.

PhysioGo.Lite COMBO allows the user to perform phonophoresis, LIPUS therapy and combined therapy, i.e. a combination of the therapeutic effects of electrotherapy and ultrasounds simultaneously during one treatment.

LIPUS therapy

A special type of wave used in the PhysioGo.Lite Combo device is Low intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS). This type of therapy stimulates the growth of bones, tendons, nerve reconstruction and stimulates healing processes in acute and subacute inflammation. In addition, it is increasingly valued for its effectiveness in the treatment of wounds and burns.


Each time PhysioGo.Lite COMBO is turned on, a special self-test procedure is performed, which verifies the proper functioning of all device components and displays messages if any errors or defects are detected. During the sonotherapy treatment, the device continuously monitors the level of contact between the ultrasound head and the patient’s body. As a result, the user can be sure of reliable and effective dosing of the ultrasonound wave to the area undergoing therapy. Moreover, PhysioGo.Lite COMBO allows you to check the degree of wear of electrodes used in electrotherapy treatments.

PhysioGo.Lite COMBO – benefits for the physiotherapist



The multifunction device from the PhysioGo.Lite series features a 5-inch color display with a touch panel, which greatly enhances the comfort of work and convenience of use. The device is elegant and relatively small despite the advanced technology used.

Three independent treatment channels

The physical therapy device has as many as three independent treatment channels protected by full galvanic isolation, which eliminates the occurrence of interference during simultaneous operation in different modes.

Database of treatment programs

The PhysioGo.Lite COMBO multifunctional device is equipped with a database of 304 built-in therapeutic procedures combined with an encyclopedia outlining the treatment methodology and 44 predefined treatment sequences for electrotherapy. The device also allows you to create and save up to 250 user programs and create a handy list of favourite programs and 10 custom sequences for electrotherapy.

Users can easily rename their own programs and sequences, and also decide to work in manual mode, adjusting the treatment parameters themselves.


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