Polaris HPS

Polaris HP S allows to perform biostimulation and high power laser therapy. It combines the effects of both therapies enabling maximum effectiveness during treatment. The device has two laser modules with a wavelength of 808 and 980 nm (power of 8 and 10 W) that can work in continuous, pulse or superpulse mode.

Polaris HP S also works with the innovative focusing DILA adapter (Deep Intratissue Laser Adapter), which allows the formation of a laser beam in a way that reduces the occurrence of a thermal effect and compensates for power losses in surface tissues


Benefits for the patient

Modern pain therapy

The simultaneous use of two modules with different wavelengths allows to achieve a double therapeutic effect – biostimulation of a selected area of ​​the body and an effective and fast thermal effect at the application site. In this way, Polaris HP S eliminates even severe, chronic pain connected with bone and soft tissue disorders, restoring patients’ comfort of life. High power laser therapy is helpful in the treatment of diseases in the field of, among others, orthopaedics, rheumatology, dermatology, podology, neurology and many more.

Its beneficial effects on tissues have also been appreciated by specialists in the field of veterinary medicine and animal physiotherapy.

Rapid tissue regeneration

Biostimulation in combination with high power laser therapy has a beneficial effect on tissue areas covered by the pathological process. Thanks to its activity, laser therapy increases the body’s tissue regeneration capacity, and by stimulating angiogenesis, the vascularity and nutrition of the affected area also increases. The combination of laser therapy with 808 nm and 980 nm wavelengths has an antimutagenic effect, and also results in an increased synthesis of collagen, proteins, RNA, DNA and ATP, acceleration of electrolyte exchange between the cell and the environment, stimulation of fibroblast activity, greater tissue oxygenation, and activation of phagocytosis (natural protection against pathogens) and a significant reduction in pain by activating the analgesic mechanism according to the gate control theory of pain proposed by Melzack and Wall.

Advanced technology

ASTAR has designed and patented a unique solution enabling therapy on deeper tissue layers. DILA (Deep Intratissue Laser Adapter) is an adapter that, thanks to the use of an advanced optical system, allows the formation of a laser beam focused in the tissue to a depth of several centimetres. The use of this technology means that the thermal effect on the surface of the area in which the laser beams are applied significantly decreases. DILA is an optional accessory of the device.

Benefits for the therapist

Intuitive operation

The device has been designed based on the needs and recommendations of physiotherapy specialists, so that its operation allows for obtaining long-lasting treatment effects. Polaris HP S is equipped with a practical encyclopaedia describing the methodology for performing particular treatment procedure displayed on a large, 7-inch graphic display with a touch panel. The user can choose to work in manual or program mode and select independent settings for both radiation sources. Adapters changing is extremely simple, and the laser application site is indicated by a pilot beam enabling to define precisely the area undergoing therapy. Operation of the device and quick change of treatment parameters is facilitated by a handy knob. High power and biostimulation laser therapy. Polaris HP S is a dual-use device – as a high power and biostimulation laser simultaneously. The controller has two built-in radiation sources (with peak output power up to 18 W in pulse mode). The list of supported applicators includes R and IR point probes, a cluster laser applicator and a scanning laser applicator also available in the ASTAR offer. The use of any of these applicators allows you to conduct biostimulation laser treatments.

Mobile, comfort and safe

Thanks to the Polaris HP S device, it is possible to perform treatments in a physiotherapy center or mobile, in any place chosen by the user. The device is lightweight, weighs only 6 kg, and the ergonomic bag available as an option will fit the device with its equipment. Polaris HP S has a built-in self-test procedure that ensures current control of all device modules each time it is turned on.


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