• ∙ Compact headbox with wireless and ambulatory options
  • ∙ Battery Operation / Optical Isolations
  • ∙ Intuitive “Dashboard” interface
  • ∙ Always On Impedance Indications
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Deymed Technological Advantages

Battery OperatedOffering

the highest signal quality possible and lasting months on a single charge, Deymed systems significantly reduce artifacts and outside noise by running 100% on batteries.
Wireless Use
In wireless mode the amplifier can record for up to 30 hours on a singe charge. Wireless range of 100 meters from the base system for maximum patient comfort and freedom to move.
Intelligent Charging
Deymed’s new ultra-low capacitance induction charging keeps the batteries full when the headbox is connected to system. This ensures the highest quality signal is possible with full battery operation during sensitive neurophysiology tests.

Optical Isolation

Optical isolation greatly improves signal quality and patient safety. This feature combined with long-lasting battery operation, offers the best-in-class technology for neurophysiological recordings.

Click N’ Go System

Easily detach your system from the cart with a single click and be on-the-go with a laptop. You are no longer forced to choose between a hospital cart or a portable system. You can now have both in one.

Always on Impedance

Always-on impedance monitoring displays impedances during recording and has alerts to ensure electrodes are in-range at all times. The values are saved to the EEG file for post quality-assurance review.
Explorer Keyboard

Explorer Keyboard

The TruScan Explorer Keyboard is a simple yet important innovation for routine EEG/Video review. The dedicated keyboard dramatically improves the speed and comfort of browsing long-term

EEG recordings with video by eliminating tiresome overuse of a mouse. The dedicated keyboard includes all standard EEG review controls, including sensitivity, montage changes and almost all on-screen settings at the click of a button.

Two large scroll-wheels allow for easy forward and back control over HD video as well as additional video speed and page advance buttons. Quick-insert text annotation shortcuts and reporting controls are also included.


TruScan Acquisition

  • Intuitive Dashboard interface
  • Pre-set text markers for quick insert
  • TruScan AcquisitionIntegrated patient database, HL7 and GDT (optional)
  • On-screen always-on impedance monitor
  • Visual drag and drop custom montage creation
  • View live data and review data with split screen
  • Programmable photo-stim setup with pre-sets
  • P300, VEP and Neurofeedback modules
  • Patient remote alarm and event trigger
  • Live HD video display

TruScan Explorer

  • Full set of review tools including Brain Mapping
  • Export EEG with included viewer to flash drive
  • TruScan ExplorerInterpretation editor with custom text pre-sets
  • Database with un-interpreted To-Do list
  • Full search and sortable patient list
  • EDF, LORETA, Matlab and Excel output of data
  • Spectral Analysis overlay of multiple segments
  • Common controls via TruScan control keyboard
  • Synchronized frame by frame video with EEG
  • EP epoch generator with full post-analysis

HD Video Monitoring

  • HD PTZ camera for close-up and full view
  • Side-by-side dual view capture
  • Video trimming to save hard disk space
  • Clear night time view with Infra-red lamp
  • Adjust light sensitivity for Day / Night detection
  • High quality MPEG-4 (h.264) videoHD Video Monitoring
  • Remote Network HD video / EEG Viewer
  • Multi-room monitoring (4 beds per viewer)
  • Mounts to wall or Hospital cart for portability
  • Wide-band microphone with high sensitivity

Product details

HD Network Camera with PTZ


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