Physio.GO 700C

Electrotherapy, ultrasound therapy, combined therapy and laser therapy unit

The PhysioGo family of advanced physical therapy devices has been designed to offer patients many therapeutic options. The device allows you to perform professional physical therapy treatments in the field of ultrasound therapy, electrotherapy, laser therapy and combination therapy.

Discover the possibilities of the exclusive, ergonomic PhysioGo 700C unit


Benefits for the patient

Range of possibilities

The modern PhysioGo 700C unit works well both in sports medicine, in the treatment of degenerative diseases and dermatological ailments, as well as in the rehabilitation of patients who suffer from severe diseases of the neuromuscular system. PhysioGo 700C is adapted to work with scanning, cluster and point probe applicators. However, in the field of ultrasound therapy, the device works with a head with an effective radiation area of 1 or 4cm2.

Safe therapy

Like the entire PhysioGo family units, the device has been equipped with the self-test procedure. It monitors the efficiency of all modules each time it is turned on. PhysioGo 700C signals the occurrence of any errors in the operation of the device before starting its operation. PhysioGo 700C thanks to three independent treatment channels allow the therapist to perform three separate procedures.

The treatment channels have been secured with full galvanic isolation, which guarantees patient safety during therapy. In addition, the device automatically controls the emitted power during ultrasound therapy treatments. The user can also perform an electrode test or laser radiation power test, which allows you to check the current status of accessories.

Benefits for the therapist

Built-in treatment encyclopedia

The device has modern software that significantly increases the ergonomics of the physiotherapist. PhysioGo 701C unit has a built-in database of procedures illustrating the methodology of treatment for individual disease entities. Using the encyclopedia, you can conveniently filter disease entities by the medical field. The database of 379 preset treatment programs and 38 built-in treatment sequences for electrotherapy makes using the device simple and convenient. The user can also choose to work in manual mode and create a database of 350 own uder-defined treatment programs. The device has the function of favorite programs. The manual mode allows precise adjustment of the treatment parameters to the user’s preferences.

Mobile therapy

The PhysioGo 701C unit is not only elegant design and a multitude of treatment options. The device has been adapted to the needs of specialists – it is equipped with a battery that allows the device to work for up to 4 hours without connection to a power source. In addition, the offer includes a specially designed ASTAR bag that allows convenient device transportation and its equipment. The extensive optional equipment of the device makes the PhysioGo 701C fully meet the needs of physiotherapy offices.


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