Physio.Go Lite

PhysioGo.Lite LASER

Safe therapy and comfort of use

PhysioGo.Lite Laser is the latest low level laser therapy device in the offer of ASTAR company. Its unique design and applied protection concepts ensure patient safety during therapy. The compact size of the laser makes it an ideal device for physiotherapy centers and for home healthcare environmental therapy.

Discover why the PhysioGo.Lite Laser unit is so often chosen on the market of low level biostimulation lasers.


Benefits for the patient

Laser applicators – huge therapeutic possibilities

Clinical studies and years of experience in the field of laser therapy applications have demonstrated the effectiveness of this therapy for the appropriate wavelengths. The so-called “therapeutic window” has been defined. It is a range of wavelengths from 650 nm to 1200 nm. PhysioGo.Lite Laser by cooperation with all applicators available in the ASTAR offer: point probes, scanning laser applicator, cluster laser applicator, stimulates tissues with a wavelength of 660 nm (R) – superficial effect and 808 nm (IR) therapy of deeply located tissues. In addition to the wavelength, an important parameter is also the applicator power. The therapist working with PhysioGo.Lite Laser in combination with CL-1800 (cluster laser applicator) has available a power of up to 1800 mW.

In addition, the use of a scanning laser applicator makes it possible to perform treatments on large surfaces while using simultaneously R and IR radiation. Three different sources of laser radiation available in the ASTAR company’s offer may be connected to the PhysioGo.Lite Laser unit.

Safety first – self-test procedure

The device software allows you to perform the self-test procedure each time it is turned on. It is a current control of the device’s operational status, thanks to which PhysioGo.Lite Laser is a safe tool in the hands of a physiotherapist. After completing the self-test, the display shows the information about the readiness for operation of the accessories connected to the device. Always before the start of treatment procedures, the device automatically conducts a laser radiation power test. In addition, the user can carry out a point probe power measurement test at any time, which is an additional functional advantage.

Medical devices require annual periodic inspections. To meet these requirements, PhysioGo.Lite Laser gives the opportunity to save the date of the next inspection review. After the deadline, the device will automatically remind the user to carry out the necessary inspection. Like all ASTAR brand products, the device meets the requirements of the Medical Device Directive.

Benefits for the therapist

Home Healthcare therapy

In medical facilities providing services for patients with limited mobility or home healthcare environmental therapy PhysioGo. Lite Laser will work perfectly thanks to its dimensions, light weight and a dedicated PRO bag which holds the device with its accessories. Additionally, it is possible to expand the device functionality with a battery module. It allows the device to work up to 4 hours without connection to a power source.

Modernity and ergonomics

The PhysioGo.Lite Laser unit is equipped with a 5-inch color display and a touch panel. The laser may be operated in manual or program mode. The applied innovative changes in the software make the device operation very intuitive. What’s more, the device automatically calculates the duration of the treatment in relation to: power, dose, frequency and the area of the therapeutic field. At any time, the user can check the statistics of performed procedures and the working time of individual laser sources of low level laser therapy.


PhysioGo.Lite Laser equipped with a battery module, has the possibility to turn on the battery saving mode. After selecting the appropriate option in the service menu, the device will go into STAND BY mode after a specified period of laser inactivity.

Dedicated mode for optical fiber applicators

In the case of point probes, the use of optical fibers applicators significantly increases the therapeutic possibilities of the device. PhysioGo.Lite Laser has a special mode implemented in the unit software that guarantees the reliability of parameters during therapy. Thanks to this, the device can be successfully used in laser puncture or laser therapy treatments in ENT.

Treatment encyclopedia – predefined therapeutic procedures

175 built-in treatment programs illustrated by the treatment encyclopedia have been created to optimally adapt the parameters of low level laser therapy to the diseases of patients undergoing treatment. The therapist can choose a specific therapy from the device’s memory by searching for the name of the appropriate disease entity or use a division into fields such as: Orthopedics, Sports Medicine, Aesthetic Medicine, Rheumatology, Neurology, Dermatology, and Angiology. The user has the ability to create and save up to 200 own treatment programs in the PhysioGo.Lite Laser unit memory. The device also has predefined laser programs – 8 Nogier’s acupuncture programs and 30 Voll’s acupuncture programs.


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