Cluster laser applicator R 5 x 40 mW , 4 x 400 mW IR , 5 x 40 mW R + IR cluster + 4 x 400 mW

Safe therapy and comfort of use

PhysioGo.Lite Laser is the latest low level laser therapy device in the offer of ASTAR company. Its unique design and applied protection concepts ensure patient safety during therapy. The compact size of the laser makes it an ideal device for physiotherapy centers and for home healthcare environmental therapy.

Discover why the PhysioGo.Lite Laser unit is so often chosen on the market of low level biostimulation lasers.


Benefits for the patient

Laser applicators – huge therapeutic possibilities

Clinical studies and years of experience in the field of laser therapy applications have demonstrated the effectiveness of this therapy for the appropriate wavelengths. The so-called “therapeutic window” has been defined. It is a range of wavelengths from 650 nm to 1200 nm. PhysioGo.Lite Laser by cooperation with all applicators available in the ASTAR offer: point probes, scanning laser applicator, cluster laser applicator, stimulates tissues with a wavelength of 660 nm (R) – superficial effect and 808 nm (IR) therapy of deeply located tissues. In addition to the wavelength, an important parameter is also the applicator power. The therapist working with PhysioGo.Lite Laser in combination with CL-1800 (cluster laser applicator) has available a power of up to 1800 mW.

In addition, the use of a scanning laser applicator makes it possible to perform treatments on large surfaces while using simultaneously R and IR radiation. Three different sources of laser radiation available in the ASTAR company’s offer may be connected to the PhysioGo.Lite Laser unit.


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